About Us

Prospect provides precision aerial imaging services utilising the latest in UAV technology. Specialising in geospatial data, mapping and photogrammetry, we are also able to offer aerial photography and videography.

Based in the South East of England we provide safe, cost effective and reliable aerial solutions across a range of industries with the flexibility to adapt our methods to specific project needs.

All of our UAV operators are authorised by the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) to conduct aerial work and are fully insured.


Aerial Mapping

Aerial Mapping

Airborne RTK GNSS systems allow centimetre accurate surveys to be made even where ground access is difficult.
3D Model

Photogrammetry / 3D Modelling

Using photogrammetry we are able to construct highly accurate textured 3-dimensional models.
Aerial Photography

Aerial Photography

Our team has the experience and equipment needed to deliver high quality aerial photography and video.
The same image processed to an NDVI index. Here vegetative activity is shading from red to green for the most active areas. Much of the long grass in the nature reserve in the centre of the image is covered with the previous seasons dead overgrowth, and is hence showing low activity. Trees coming into leaf in the woodland area to the bottom right are made obvious in this analysis. Blossoming Hawthorne trees show up as black in the map - the flowers absorb rather than reflect in the NIR band.


Using customised cameras we can collect near infrared spectral data suitable for plant health analysis using the Normalised Difference Vegetation Index and others.

Data for GIS Input

Providing accurate, up-to-date and cost effective georeferenced data as and when required.
Contoured elevation model

Digital elevation models

Accurate centimetre scale elevation/surface models, suitable for a wide range of applications.

Our Systems

AQ-550 Carbon

AQ-550 Carbon

  • Compact heavy lift platform, with motor out redundancy
  • Flight time (typical payload, 20% reserve): 17 minutes
  • Windspeed: up to 35 knots
  • Payload: up to 1kg (typical 2x Canon S100 or stabilised gimbal and GoPro)
  • Redundant GNSS systems
  • RTK GNSS with logging and precise shutter sync

Hover 1

  • Foldable endurance mapping platform
  • Flight time (with Sony A6000 payload, 20% reserve): 25 minutes (extended flight time to 40 minutes in development)
  • Windspeed: 20 knots
  • Payload: up to 1.5kg (typical Sony A6000 and mapping gimbal)
  • Redundant GNSS systems
  • RTK GNSS with logging and precise shutter sync
3DR Solo

3DR Solo

  • Video and inspection platform
  • Flight time (with GoPro and 20% reserve): 15 minutes
  • Windspeed: 20 knots
  • HD video link
  • 3DR smart shots: Cable cam, follow mode, VR spherical panorama

Our Team